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Our focus is on helping small businesses and artists achieve their goals. Here are some of the sites we proudly host on GetWally.

Amani Ellen Loutfy
She's an everyday woman with an extraordinary life. She has worked on fire art projects at Burning Man, setting up alternative companies with a green focus and far more than this blurb could do her justice. It might be of some interest to some folks.

Amy Alpine Psychotherapy
Amy Alpine uses a multidisciplinary approach to help you increase awareness of behavior patterns which inhibit personal growth and development. She works with personal motivation, career counseling, couples counseling and addition counseling.

Artist Resource for Fire
ARF is a Web site that is a resource for artists wishing to work with fire as a medium.

Avatar Farm
Avatar Farm is a collection of avatars and images used in discussion groups. It is enabled so that you can even upload those avatars to your cell phone.

Carlos Mencia
If you're a big fan of Carlos Mencia, then you will love It's a fan site that gives a lot of information on his life, his material and a huge selection of carlos gear.

Cheap Dave's Home Theater
"Cheap Dave" Wright has created a Web site to explain the mysteries of home theaters. His goal is to help you build a great home theater without spending a lot of cash.

Comedy Underground
Comedy Underground is the premiere comedy club in the Pacific Northwest. It features stand up comedy 7 nights a week in Seattle and a location in Tacoma. Plus it hosts one of the most respected comedy competitions for emerging talent.

Emily Bowen Massage
Emily Bowen is a reiki master and massage therapist in Seattle, Washington who works to help people not only overcome injuries, but to help you motivate forward.

Jane Reviews
Jane and David built their dream house. Along the way they used thousands of products. Now they are reviewing them.

Jane's Backyard Chickens
Jane's Backyard Chickens is a resource for people who are interested in raising chickens in their home. It gives great advice on all aspects on how to make your own home chicken ranch. She even includes alternatives to traditional chicken meals out of respect for the chickens.

Planet Wally
Planet Wally is a humor site full of pranks, jokes and other humorous things.

Pyro Boy
Wally Glenn is a fire artist that blows himself up. He also creates fire art where people can interact with the fire.

Wally Pranks
Do you have revenge in mind? Do you need to get back at someone for a practical joke they pulled on you? Do you want to liven up the office? Wally Pranks is a marketplace of mirth. It's a collection of practical jokes, pranks, new stories, movies and more

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