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Why use Google AdSense on your website?

Wouldn't it be great if you could make easy money on the internet – we'd all be rich! While rumors of riches on the web are largely empty promises, you really can make money on the internet.

Nearly all websites get income from advertising; some online advertising methods are expensive, others are hard to install and time consuming to maintain. Some just annoy visitors, like those endless pop-up ads hawking things that have nothing to do with the site you're viewing. Happily, there is another option; Google provides a free advertising tool called AdSense that is easy to use, customizable, adds value, and delivers content-related advertising to your site.

Relevant advertising keeps your message focused
AdSense is a contextual ad server: it provides ads from a network of advertisers that are in sync with your content. After scanning your website, AdSense uses Google's powerful indexing algorithms to create the best match between available ads and your website. AdSense won't send high-performance automotive pitches to a user forum focused on organic gardening; but it will deliver dog treat plugs to a blog written by dachsund lovers.

Another worry you won't have is getting left high and dry with outdated content. Every day new campaigns are added to a pool containing hundreds of thousands of available items. This guarantees you a fresh stream of relevant ads on your website, which is a great way to serve the needs of your users and improve your income stream at the same time.

Easy to use software saves time and money
Most internet entrepreneurs are not web developers. With AdSense, they don't have to be. AdSense can be installed in just about four simple steps.

1. Sign up.
2. Cut and paste.
3. Click on buttons.
4. Start making money

It really is that easy. Predetermined ad sizes mean no more hours spent fussing with confusing settings. AdSense generates code that can be easily installed in your website template. No programming skills required.

Customizable features improve appearance
The top benefit of using a contextual ad server is that the advertising message fits with the content you provide. Because it's customizable, AdSense expands that benefit to the visual impact of your site.

Not only can you set the advertising color scheme to compliment your website's palette, but you can also choose between text ads and images. With filters you can screen out competitors or inappropriate content. And if you do have web skills, you can tweak height and width settings so the ads really blend with the look and feel of your website.

Indirect benefits add value
You improve your advertising income in another way when you use AdSense. The tracking tools and reports included with the package allow you to discover the features that are working well for you, and show you underperforming areas that should be changed. By streamlining your process you increase the profitable factors, providing even better results. Additionally, AdSense eliminates administrative cost and hassle–no time and resources spent recruiting advertisers and arranging for payment. These indirect benefits increase your revenue by cutting costs and improving performance.

Users love new content. AdSense delivers the ads your customers want to see, in a framework that looks right on your website. It's not as easy as picking dollars off the money tree, but since those don't really exist it's probably the next best thing.

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